Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Writing to baby

Back at the beginning of my pregnancy, I was trying to figure out a way to document the whole experience. I knew keeping up with my weekly bump updates would help, but I wanted something more personal and concrete. My mom had given me a notebook that she had written in during my first year, and that's when it occurred to me! I could start my own journal to remember my pregnancy and to document baby's first year.

So I got myself a moleskin journal from Target and I've been writing letters to the baby periodically through out my pregnancy. If you're considering it, here are some points to get your journal writing juices flowing:
  • Day your found out you were pregnant and how you told your husband
  • Write about when you told friends & family and their reactions
  • First time hearing his/her heartbeat and how it made you feel
  • First time you felt him/her kicking 
  • First time your significant other got to feel movement
  • How you envision life will be like once your little bundle of joy has arrived
  • Your hopes & dreams for your little one
  • Names you're considering & how you decided on a name
  • Who do you think he/she will look like
  • Day to day life before he/she arrived
  • And anything else you would like your little one to know

My goal is to try to write in it at least once a month before and after he's here. Once he's born, I hope to write about his milestones and all his firsts. Then one day, when he's all grown up, I hope to give the journal to him to read. I think his future wife might enjoy reading through it. 

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