Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Babymoon Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, Jack and I headed to the coast to experience one last trip, just the two of us, before baby arrives. We headed to Avila Beach on Thursday afternoon to spend a long weekend at the beach. We love the Central Coast of California. I went to school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Jack spent many weekends visiting me there, so the area holds a special place in both our hearts.

On our way to Avila, we stopped in SLO to enjoy the Thursday night farmers market. LOVE the farmers market! Tons of local booths set up selling produce, flowers and lots and lots of food.

Jack enjoying some BBQ
Ate at this BBQ booth. So yummy! 

I stopped in the Cal Poly store to pick up some goods.

I couldn't resist this onesie! Baby has to represent his mamma's Alma Mater!

Then we headed on over to Avila to check into our hotel.

We stayed at Joe Mamma's Beachstay in Avila. This is the view standing right outside our room. It's a nice little place to stay. The units are like little apartments. You also get free breakfast and coffee from their Joe Mamma's coffee shop.

We enjoyed a stroll along the beach. The lighting was just beautiful for photos when we got there.

I didn't take too many photos from this point on. We spent Friday and Saturday relaxing on the beach all day.

This pretty much sums up our whole trip. Relaxing on the beach! Enjoying the nice cool temps. We each did get a massage on Friday. It was amazing! Prenatal for me of course. Jack actually came in for the last 20 minute so the massage therapist could show him techniques to use on me at home. Can't wait to be getting some massages from him!

Avila has a little farmer's market on Friday night. I thought these mangoes cut to look like flowers were pretty.

On Sunday, we took one last stroll down the beach then headed on home. We did stop at the Avila Valley Barn to check out the goods they had.

We didn't end up buying anything, but these guys were cute.

So sad we had to come home. Jack turned off the AC while we were gone and it was 88 degrees in the house when we got home! Not a nice welcome home after spending 3 days in 70 degree weather. Can't wait until we can make it back to the coast again!


  1. i found your blog through HB. just wanted to say that my husband went to slo too and i miss that area! i used to visit him during college. it's so beautiful there. i miss the beaches, splash cafe, firestone (yep, mostly the food places!) we're hoping to make a trip up b4 baby as well as we haven't been there in like 4 or 5 years!

    1. That's so awesome! Splash and Firestone are always a must!

  2. How fun!!! Avila Beach is one of my favorites :)