Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 9

How far along? 9w2d
Estimated due date: October 25, 2012
How are you feeling? New symptoms? Morning sickness has gotten worse this past week. I’m throwing up and gagging more. Very sensitive to smells. I can’t let my stomach get empty because that’s when I really start feeling nauseous. I’m just hoping this only lasts a few more weeks because I’m miserable.
Are you showing? No. My waistline is just thickening.
Cravings or aversions? Still wanting fruit. Biggest aversions are to chicken and coffee.
Anything making you queasy? Anything Jack cooks lately. Poor guy. He can’t even make himself something to eat. He made this soup earlier in the week. I had just finished eating my dinner and I got a whiff of the soup and immediately started gagging. He ran into the room and moved the soup outside and opened up all the doors and windows. It was too late though. I couldn’t hold it back and I threw up all my dinner. It’s comical now, but it’s no fun throwing up.
Mood: Happy most of the time. I do feel pretty miserable at some point everyday which is making it hard for me to enjoy being pregnant. I hope it passes. They say women feel the best during the 2nd trimester. I hope that’s true for me.
Best moment of this week? Just enjoying a quiet weekend at home, cuddling with my husband.
What are you looking forward to? My OB appointment this week! I’m kind of hopping he can find the heartbeat with the doppler and I’m anxious to know that everything is ok. 

Week 8

{Written on March 17, 2012 when I was 8 weeks pregnant}
This last week has been good. Last Saturday we went out to dinner at Olive Garden since cheese raviolis sounded good to me. We were planning to do some shopping after we ate, so I let Jack know that I couldn’t eat my leftovers if they sit out for too long. He insisted that we stop by out house before we go to the store so I could put my leftovers in the fridge. I said it was fine, but he responded, “Do you know how hard it is to feed you these days? We’ll go drop off the leftovers.” And that was that. haha I thought it was really cute. He has been really great. He’s been doing extra chores around the house, so I can rest. We eat whatever I can stomach. I really love the way he’s taken care of me throughout this pregnancy. I love him so much.
Today is Saint Patrick’s Day. I guess there will be no beer partaking for me this year. It’s all worth it though for the little nugget growing inside me. :)
How far along? 8w2d
Estimated due date: October 25, 2012
How are you feeling? New symptoms? Same symptoms this week. Bloated, tired, nauseous, sore boobs. My boobs have definitely grown and they hurt so much. New this week is numb hands while I sleep. Some research online shows it could be pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. I’ll let my doc know at my next appointment and see what he thinks. Sometimes my right hand gets a little tingly at work when I’m using my mouse a lot. I’m trying to be more aware of the position of my hands while I sleep to help avoid them going numb during the night. Nothing like waking up to a dead arm. I have to get up once every night to use the bathroom. It’s kind of annoying, but I can practically sleep through it.
Are you showing? Does a bloated belly count?
Cravings or aversions? I’ve been craving cold fruit and ice cream. Today I had to have some sour gummy worms. I think I had a dream about them. I have aversions to coffee and meat.
Anything making you queasy? The smell of coffee makes me gag. Pretty much anything that smells gross to me, makes me gag. I’ve only thrown up once though. I can stop myself by taking some deep breaths and talking myself out of it. I’ve almost thrown up a couple of times at work. I have this fear of throwing up at work. Every since my boss got sick and threw up and the whole office could hear him in the men’s restroom, it’s got me worried about throwing up at work. I’d have to say, “no don’t worry. I don’t have the flu and I’m not going to make you all sick. It’s just morning sickness.” sigh. I don’t want my work to know yet, so I try my hardest not to hurl at work.
Mood: Happy. So far this pregnancy has made it farther then my first, so I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m really starting to believe this is the real deal.
Best moment of this week? Going out to dinner and a concert w/ three other couples. Always fun to hang with friends and catch up.
What are you looking forward to? My next OB appointment on the 29th.

Week 7

{written on March 11, 2012 when I was 7 weeks pregnant}
The big thing that happened during my 7th week, was our first ultrasound! It was so amazing. You could see it’s little heart beating, and I got to hear it. Heart rate measured at 133 bpm, which the tech said is normal for how far along I am. I had the ultrasound on Wed, March 7th, and baby measured 6w6d. Right on track! Now I’m just counting down until I see my doctor again in a couple of weeks.
I’m definitely feeling more confident in this pregnancy, but we’re not out of the woods yet. I didn’t realize until I had the U/S, how much I was shielding myself with this pregnancy. Holding up a wall to protect myself in case something happened with this baby. I felt it come down a little after the ultrasound, but not completely. I hope that the farther this pregnancy progresses, the more comfortable I’ll feel that everything is going to be ok.
scan0002 - Copy
How far along? 7 weeks
Estimated due date: October 25, 2012
How are you feeling? Still sore breasts and morning sickness. And so tired all the time.
Aversions or cravings? Craving fruit and simple foods. I like food without too much flavor. I’m having aversions to meat. I’ve mostly been eating soup and anything with cheese in it (grilled cheese sandwich, quesadilla, ravioli). 
Are you showing? Nope. Just a serious bloated belly. I don’t keep my pants buttoned anymore because it’s so uncomfortable.
Mood: Happy and tired.
Best moment of this week? Obviously my ultrasound. Seeing and hearing the heartbeat was amazing.
What are you looking forward to? My next doc visit on March 29th. I’ll be 10 weeks along.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week 6

{Written on March 1, 2012 when I was 6 weeks pregnant}
How far along? 6 weeks
Estimated due date: October 25, 2012
How are you feeling? Lots more symptoms this week. My breasts hurt so bad. Just barely bumping them, hurts. Morning sickness started this past week as well. Yesterday was the first day I noticed it. I woke up and just felt nauseous and I gagged while brushing my teeth. Jack ate pot stickers for breakfast and the smell made me gag. Oh and I’m super tired. I can easily go to bed at 8:00 no problem.
Aversions or cravings? No cravings, but I have some aversions. Pot stickers and coffee don’t sound appealing.
Are you showing? Definitely not. Does a bloated belly count?
What are you researching? Nothing actually. Just enjoying being pregnant.
Bought anything? No new purchases this week.
Mood: Happy and nervous. I just want to get past the first trimester and know our baby is strong and healthy.
Best moment of this week? Watching my 9 month old niece over the weekend. She is just so adorable. I just loved watching her smile and play and listening to her baby sounds. So cute!
What are you looking forward to? Still looking forward to my ultrasound on March 7th. I cannot wait to see our little nugget!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 5

{Written on February 23, 2012 when I was 5 weeks pregnant}
Time feels like it’s moving slow. I so badly want to be out of the first trimester so I can relax a little. After experiencing two miscarriages, I just want to know everything is ok. I don’t think the worrying will ever stop. I guess that’s part of being a parent. I cannot wait for my ultrasound on March 7th. I want to know everything is ok in there. I’m trying to stay positive.
How far along? 5 weeks
Estimated due date: October 25, 2012
How are you feeling? So far no big symptoms. My boobs started to get tender. The cramping stopped, and sometimes I feel a little nauseous. And I’m so bloated. I’m trying to enjoy it because I know the symptoms will really start in the next week or two.
Are you showing? Definitely not.
What are you researching? Nursery inspiration.
Bought anything? No new purchases this week.
Mood: Super happy and excited. I’m having trouble sleeping I’m so excited. At the same time, I’m so scared I’m going to lose the baby.
Best moment of this week? Going to Fresno to visit my best friend, Dana, and telling her the news. We had a great time gabbing and shopping.
What are you looking forward to? My first ultrasound appointment in a couple of weeks! I hope we see a strong heartbeat.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 4

{Written on February 19, 2012 when I was 4 weeks pregnant}
This last week was filled with lots of excitement and anxiety. First of all, seeing that positive pregnancy test was amazing. I woke up Saturday morning trying to decide if I should test or not. I had already told myself that I would wait until Monday to see if my period showed up. Impatience and 50 cheap HPTs, that I ordered online, got the better of me. I caved and tested Saturday morning. I was totally prepared to see a negative and at first I thought it was. Then I noticed a very slight second line. You could barely see it. I thought it could’ve possibly been an evaporation line. It was silly, but I made Jack take one so I could compare them. His was white as a ghost. You could not even tell where the test line was supposed to be.
The top two are mine and the bottom two are Jack’s. Clearly you can barely see that there is a second line. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I ran out to the store to pick up a digital test. I held it for 3 hours without drinking any fluids and took a First Response Early Result and a Clearblue Easy Digital.
Clearly, I am pregnant! Jack and I were just so happy. Ever since I got that BFP, I’ve been so happy. Monday morning I decided to go in late for work so I could go get my blood drawn for a confirmation. I surprised my mom with the news Monday night. I bought a onesie, and wrapped it up to look like a Valentine’s Day gift. She was puzzled at first, but caught on pretty quickly. She was very happy and excited.
Tuesday morning I was able to make an appointment with my OB for Wednesday afternoon. After my second miscarriage, he said I could come in and see him right away. Wednesday morning I had a bit of a scare. I had some brown spotting. I was so worried that I was already going to lose the baby. For those who have suffered a miscarriage, any blood can be very frightening. Luckily it was just a little bit in the  morning and it stopped by late afternoon.
My doctors appointment on Wednesday went great. He prescribed me progesterone as a precaution because of my previous losses. I have an ultra sound scheduled for March 7th! I’m so excited. I’m hoping and praying everything is ok.
So far, I haven’t had a lot of symptoms. I had some mild cramps earlier in the week. I’ve been having heartburn, which I normally don’t get. It’s still very early. I didn’t really start feeling any real symptoms with my first pregnancy until around 5 weeks. Of course, I want something to feel different with this one. I really hope to have morning sickness so that I know things are going ok. For a lot of women it doesn’t show up until weeks 6-8.
I’m just so thrilled and I can’t wait to meet our little nugget growing inside of me.
How far along? 4 weeks
Estimated due date: October 25, 2012
How are you feeling? Feeling good. No big symptoms yet. Just some heartburn and mild cramping. Oh and feeling bloated and not as hungry.
Are you showing? Definitely not.
What are you researching? Spotting in early pregnancy symptoms, and when morning sickness usually starts.
Bought anything? I bought a couple maternity shirts to use for my weekly bump photos. The Mayo Clinic Pregnancy Guide, Eating for Pregnancy cookbook
Mood: Very happy and worried. I’m so worried that I could have another miscarriage.
Best moment of this week? Finding out that we’re pregnant! And telling my mom.
What are you looking forward to? My first ultrasound appointment in 2.5 weeks! I hope we see a strong heartbeat.

Friday, March 16, 2012

We’re expecting!

{Written on Feb 19, 2012} I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to start publishing my pregnancy journey, but since things are going well so far and no one I know reads my blog, why not? So this is the beginning of my pregnancy posts!
This last week, I found out that I’m pregnant! Jack and I are just thrilled and over the moon. I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. We’ve experienced loss, and we’re hoping and praying that this will be our sticky baby. I’m trying to stay positive, but I can’t help but worry that something is going to happen again.

 I was totally one of those obsessive girls who was tracking ovulation and thinking every symptom could mean I was pregnant. Going by tracking my basal body temperature and using ovulation predictor tests, I’m pretty confident I ovulated Feb 1st or 2nd. I got a positive HPT on Feb 11th. Just 9 days past ovulation! Most women won’t get a positive test until the day of their missed period. Going by a ovulation date of 2/2/2012, my estimated due date is October 25th! If I go by the first day of my last menstrual cycle, my due date would be October 15th. I think I’m definitely closer to the 25th date though. That would put me at 4w3d today. 
Here is what my chart looks like for the month I got pregnant. It was only my first month charting. 
I was hopeful it would happen this month, but I honestly thought it was going to take 4-6 months to get pregnant again. It was only our second cycle trying since my last miscarriage, and I feel so lucky and blessed that it happened so soon.
 I hope to keep up with a weekly journal entry with how my pregnancy is progressing.