Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nursery Organization

I always love peeking inside people’s closets and drawers and seeing how they organize things. I wanted to do this post way back in October before I had the baby. But having him 11 days early kind of squashed my plans, and it’s hard to find the time to blog when you have a newborn to take care of.
For a full nursery reveal, see this post and this post for a source list.
Here is a peek inside the nursery closet, drawers and baskets. Lets start with the closet first.
It’s an ikea PAX wardrobe. I added three wooden drawers, two shelves and a hanging rod. I don’t know why I bought so many baby hangers. Boys don’t really have a lot of clothes to hang. Right now all I have hanging are jackets.
I also put a hook next to the wardrobe to hang the diaper bag from.
The top drawer housed all of his newborn clothes which have now been stored away and now 0-3 month size is in the top drawer. The containers are the SKUBB storage box set from Ikea. The clothes are divided by type: long sleeved onsies, short sleeved onsies, sleepers, socks, hats, bibs, baby legs leggings.
The second drawer used to have 0-3 month sized clothes which have now been replaced with 3-6 month sized clothing. I did the same thing and separated the clothes by type. I like having everything vertical in the container so I don’t have to go digging for a specific onsie or sleeper.
The last drawer houses baby blankets and towels.
Here is what the closet looks like now. I just took this photo yesterday a month ago (oops it took me way to long to write this post, but it essentially looks the same). I little bit messy, but still functioning the same. The top shelf has his bigger sized clothing stored away for future use, and at the bottom I store extra diapers.
The little cubby has extra sheets in the top two compartments. The middle two have swaddle blankets, and the bottom two have shoes. The little white box is to store AJ’s baby mementos. Right now there are ultrasound photos in it and our bracelets from the hospital.
In one of the blue bins, I keep the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets. The other one I store miscellaneous items and our baby carriers.

Now let’s move onto the changing table. This is what it looks like currently. I updated one of the frames and added some newborn shoot photos to it. On the top, I house wipes in a wipe warmer, coconut oil, lotion, Desitin (I don’t actually use anymore I like Triple Paste more), and alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

Let’s take a peek inside those baskets. The top left basket houses burp cloths which are just flat cloth diapers. 
I keep diapers in the top middle basket. Makes it very accessible for diaper changes.
The top right basket, has baby grooming items, baby health items, and wash cloths. Sometimes I use the wash cloths for diaper changes with some water sprayed on them.
I keep waterproof pads and receiving blankets in the bottom left basket. I like to use these on the changing table to catch spit up so I’m not constantly washing the changing pad cover.
The bottom right basket has extra wipes in it. My favorite wipes are the Costco brand wipes. They’re nice and thick.
Here is the back of the door. I have a mesh baggie on the top hook for dirty socks, so I don’t lose them in the wash. I also have a wet bag hanging from the top hook for really nasty explosive diapers. I put the poopy clothes in there and just throw the whole thing into the wash. Lastly, I have a laundry bag hanging from the bottom hook. This is a great spot for the laundry bag, because I can just throw dirty clothes into there while standing at the changing table.
IMG_7023_cb Mesh baggies from here, wet bag from here, and laundry bag from here
Ok, now onto the dresser. I added lots of storage to the nursery which has really come in handy!
I pretty much keep all of his toys in this dresser.
The bottom drawer has all of his books that don’t fit in the basket by the glider and on the shelves. The middle two drawers just have more toys in them.
And there you have it! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. You can see the nursery source list here.


  1. LOve this nursery and everything is so neatly organized!!

  2. Found you on Pinterest and am setting up our nursery this week. This post was super helpful! Thank you!

  3. Love how organized you are! I'm 35 weeks with my first... just had my baby shower last week and now I have a nursery to tackle... found you on pinterest for inspiration! Where did you get your changing table from?

    1. Thank you! My husband actually made the changing table from an Ana White Plan. I link the the ana White plan I used in the source list.

  4. I love this! I found you on Pinterest and am absolutely using your nursery as an organizational tool to set up my nursery!

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  6. Love it!!! Where did you get your white drawer organizers from?