Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Biggest baby purchase

A few weeks ago, Jack and I made the biggest baby preparation purchase we'll ever make.

We bought a new car! Well, new to us at least. It's a 2011 Chevy Traverse LT. Isn't she purdy? Jack's Ford Ranger and my tiny Yaris just wasn't going to cut it once the baby arrived. I commute 70 miles round trip a day, so we're keeping my Yaris as a commuter car. We're ditching the Ranger and Jack will drive the Traverse to work.

This baby rides nice and smooth and it seats 8! It's got tons of cargo room. Plenty of space for a baby and a dog and luggage. I actually don't mind driving, if I get to drive this. We love that it has remote start, so we can get the AC going before we even get in the car. It's got nice dark tinted windows to block the sun off the baby. There's just so much to love.

The best part of this car is we have no car payment! Yep, we paid for this baby in full, one of the advantages for us buying used. It's only got 19,000 miles on it, and we saved approximately $6-8k by buying used. We went back and forth for awhile on buying new with 0% financing or paying in full on a used, and ultimately decided that saving $6,000 was worth putting a dent in our savings. I admit, it was hard seeing that chunk of change come out of our bank, but it was worth it. This purchase has been a long time coming. We've been looking at cars for a year now, and we finally took the plunge. We had to drive to L.A. to get the best deal, but we saved about $2-3k by doing so. So worth the 2 hour drive.

We can't wait to take home our baby in this thing in about 3 months!


  1. I love it!!! I used to commute about that distance (Merced to Fresno) and I just couldn't do it anymore!

  2. LOVE IT! I need to trade in my pontiac g6 for a midsized SUV. ... contemplating...