Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weeks 26 & 27

I missed last weeks bump photo because we went out of town for the weekend, so I only have my 27 weeks photo. I cannot believe I'm about to head into my third trimester now. Time is really starting to fly by, and I want it to slow down. It's funny how I wanted the beginning to hurry up and go by, and now I want the end to be slow. My to do list is a mile long and I'm freaking out that there is still so much to do to prepare for this little guy's arrival.

Things were going really great until I got sick this week. You can see the evidence in my weekly photo with a nasty cold sore I got below my nose. I'm feeling much better. Just congested, which sucks. I did take two days off of work and I was able to tackle my first sewing project of making curtains for the nursery. I'll have to do a nursery update soon.

The big new thing is that I started leaking colostrum! This is something I didn't expect before I had the baby. I first noticed it last weekend when we were at the beach. I was laying on my side cuddling Jack. When I rolled over, I had a big wet spot on my shirt. Squeezed my boob a little, and sure enough! Colostrum started coming out! Craziness. Jack thought it was the coolest thing. lol Not a lot comes out. It's not like I need to wear pads or anything. It's just another reminder that my body is going through some major changes.

Gender: Boy!
Total weight gain: about 20 lbs I'm really hoping to keep weight gain under 35 lbs, but we'll see.
Maternity clothes: Almost all maternity. I have discovered that my husbands old, stretched out boxers are super comfy to sleep in. I'm trying to avoid maternity PJ's at this point.
Sleep: It's been pretty good except right now while I'm sick. I get up about 1-2 times a night to pee and sometimes my back is aching in the morning. Definitely nothing to really complain about though.
Miss anything? I do miss being able to do things with out my back starting to hurt and getting tired. I seem to get tired out easily and have to sit and rest.
Cravings: The usual sweet tooth. I've been eating a lot of chocolate. I thought pregnancy was supposed to bring on stronger cravings. I haven't really experienced any up to this point.
Symptoms: Occasional braxton hicks contractions. I've been getting heartburn right before bed, which is super annoying. I feel like I always have to pee. Sometimes I'll go and then like 5 minutes later I feel the urge again. It's probably just the baby's position. Oh and leaking colostrum.
Movement: I've noticed that the movement has changed. It's no longer flutters or little kicks, but full on rolling motions. The kicks are much stronger now and I can feel little body parts rolling around in there. I'm not sure what it is I'm exactly feeling, but it feels like a butt or head rubbing on my tummy. And he sure likes to kick my right rib.
The bump: Out front and center! Is it just me, or do people no longer look at your face when you're pregnant? I see someone, we make eye contact, and then their eyes always go to my belly next. It's kind of funny. I think I do that to pregnant women too.
Belly button in or out? still in. I'm wondering if it'll pop out or not. It seems like it still has a ways to go.
Mood: Happy most of the time. I get frustrated and stressed at times.
Best moment of this week? Last weekend at the beach was awesome.
What are you looking forward to? Going to Ikea next weekend to shop some more for the nursery.

Here's a look back at the second trimester:

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