Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 36

Wow, 36 weeks! I can't believe how close I'm getting to the end. I had my 36 week checkup and all was good. I got my group B strep swab done, so here's hoping it comes back negative. I really don't want to have to get hooked up to an IV and get antibiotics when I get to the hospital. I now see my doctor once a week and I start getting internal exams at my next appointment. :/

We met with and hired a doula this week. I started getting a little nervous about wanting a med-free birth and how I didn't know if Jack and I could accomplish it on our own. I thought Jack would dismiss the idea right away, but he was surprisingly on board with it. I think he's nervous too and this helps take some of the pressure off of him being the only person to help me through labor. I feel really good about the whole thing. I meet with her again on Monday to go over my birth plan. We'll probably meet with her one more time after that just so we can get to know each other before I go into labor. She will also come to my house 3-7 days after I give birth for a postpartum meeting. She'll be available to help me with breastfeeding which I find comforting. I'm really excited about it!

How far along? 36 weeks!

Total weight gain: Around 34 lbs. :/

Maternity clothes: All the time. I surprisingly have a couple of non-maternity shirts that still fit ok.

Sleep: Been pretty good still. Just getting up to go the bathroom 4 times a night is annoying, but I fall back to sleep pretty fast.

Miss anything? Pre-pregnancy body. I was looking at pictures and couldn't believe how skinny I looked. I'm trying to remind myself that I won't go back to looking like that right away.

Cravings: Nothing really. This is one thing that has surprised me about pregnancy. I always imagined having these crazy cravings and making Jack run to the store because I had to have it. I thought my appetite would be different too. But I feel like I eat the same amount as I did before I was pregnant. Maybe just a little more.

Symptoms: The same as last week: heartburn, right rib pain, some back pain, swollen ankles. Oh and I've noticed my digestion isn't moving like it used to, if you get what I mean. I've really increased my fruit and veggie intake and that's helping. I also started making smoothies every morning and taking it to work with me.

Movement: Still feeling him all the time. I feel definite little nubs that poke here and there. Sometimes I feel like a foot slides across my belly. He gets the hiccups multiple times a day.

The bump: Feeling big, but it's not too bad.

Belly button in or out? Still in.

Mood: Anxious, nervous

Best moment of this week? Finishing up the nursery and hiring a doula. Oh and the surprise shower my work threw me!

What are you looking forward to? Meeting with our doula again on Monday.

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