Thursday, October 4, 2012

Before Baby To-Do List Updated

I originally posted this back at the end of August. Let's see how much progress I've made.
{Updates in purple}

  • Finalize maternity leave w/ employer  {Finally got this worked out. I'll have at least 12 weeks off then start back up part-time}
  • Start disability paperwork {I have it printed out and started filling it out}
  • Attend breastfeeding class {just took it last weekend}
  • Purchase thank you cards for shower
  • Write and send out thank you cards
  • Install car seat {Finally did this tonight & we're getting it inspected tomorrow}
  • Set up dog sitting while we're at the hospital {Need to ask someone to come by and feed her while we're gone}
  • Pack hospital bags {I plan to do it this weekend}
  • Finish reading my childbirth books
  • Buy postpartum supplies
  • Buy nursing supplies
  • Look into pump rental {Decided to hold off until after baby is here}
  • Purchase baby items needed not gifted at shower
  • Wash all baby items
  • Put away and organize baby items
  • Watch Happiest Baby On the Block DVD
  • Purchase and install carbon monoxide detector {It's purchased. Just haven't taken it out of the packaging yet}
  • Purchase baby book if not gifted one
  • Assemble all baby gear
  • Pick a name! {Almost 100% certain}
  • Put together music for labor {Most likely use our ihome and listen to Pandora Spa station, should probably buy the subscription so we don't have to listen to commercials}
  • DIY some maternity photos {I guess my weekly photos count, right?}
  • Make and freeze some meals {Who am I kidding? I think I'll go to Trader Joe's and pick up some frozen meals}
  • Finish nursery {Really hoping to take final photos this weekend and share all the details}
  • Go on dates with hubby {Done a couple things together but would like to do more}
  • Clean up around the house {Working on it}
  • Get a pedicure {I got one, but would like to get one more}
  • Get a haircut
  • Write birth plan {just finished this week}
  • Hire Doula {we made the decision to hire one a couple of weeks ago}
  • start filling out info in baby book
  • Add baby to Jack's health insurance
  • mail out birth certificate
  • Call newborn photog to schedule session
  • Mail out birth announcements
  • Send out birth announcement email to coworkers
Already completed:
  • Pre-register at the hospital
  • Tour birth center
  • Take childbirth prep classes
  • Find pediatrician
  • Research health insurance for baby
  • Research circumcision 
  • Book newborn photog
  • Complete shower registry
I definitely feel like I've got a lot done in the last month. I feel pretty prepared. My main priorities right now are packing the hospital bag and getting the house cleaned up. It's getting down to the wire! 

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