Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 11

How far along? 11w3d
Estimated due date: October 25, 2012
How are you feeling? I’ve had ups and downs this week. Dare I say morning sickness is subsiding a little? I definitely feel less nauseous than I was before, but I still threw up a couple of times this last week. I’ve had moments where I feel like I want my body back. I want to feel human again. I wonder if I’ll ever want to eat the foods I used to love again? Will I ever want to eat chicken again?! I’m sure I will. I’m just complaining from the depths of morning sickness here. I’ve also been experiencing crazy, vivid dreams every night. I don’t usually remember my dreams, but I can remember them every night with details and everything. One night last week I dreamed of eating a giant donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Other dreams I’ve had are just too strange to try to explain here. I also have to get up to use the bathroom at least once every night. One night was three times!
The bump: A little bump, but I think it’s still bloat.
Cravings or aversions? Mostly experiencing aversions. I’m just eating whatever I can keep down and this point.
Mood: Happy most of the time with some crankiness mixed in there. It’s hard to feel happy when you feel like crap most of the time.
Best moment of this week? Celebrating Easter with my family yesterday. Getting together and eating and chatting. It doesn’t get any better than that.
What are you looking forward to? NT scan on the 16th! Just one week away!

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