Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby is active!

I had the NT scan today. It was so amazing seeing the baby bouncing around in my uterus. Jack was just amazed at how much he/she was moving around in there. Its little arms were waving around and its head was bobbing. So cute! The fluid measurement was within the normal range, so I’m thinking our risk of Downs shouldn’t be too high. I’ll find out after I get my second blood draw between 15-20 weeks.
Baby was waving at us in this photo! My heart just melted.
scan0003 - internet
A profile shot. You can see his/her little nose. So cute! I’m so in love already.
scan0004 - internet
Jack and my mom keep referring to baby as a “he”. I’m starting to believe it’s a boy too, but I think that’s because everyone else keeps calling it a “him”. I won’t be shocked if it turns out to be a girl. So excited to find out in 4-6 weeks!

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