Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 37 {full term}

37 weeks! I have a full term baby now. This little guy could come any day. Although I've read 95% of women deliver between 38 weeks & 42 weeks, so I could have him anywhere from a week from now to 5 weeks. Let's hope it's not closer to 5 weeks left. I'm ready to meet this little stinker! I'd be pretty happy if he stays in there until 39 weeks, but doesn't make me wait until November.

I'm really starting to feel the push to get things done now. We were finally able to get the car seat installed and had it checked. The lady gave Jack 100% which she says doesn't happen very often. He felt pretty proud of himself. I'm so happy to have that crossed off the list. The last major thing I need to do is pack for the hospital. Then I think I'll feel pretty ready.

I saw my OB on Tuesday. I decided to refuse the internal check since it's no indicator of when labor will start. Maybe I'll get it at my next appointment. He did say the head seemed really low. And I tested negative from Group B Strep, so no antibiotics for me when I get to the hospital!

I do feel like he has dropped even lower this week. My coworkers were commenting on how I looked like I dropped. I feel it too. My rib pain has let up a little and in its place this morning was lower back pain. It could have been the boxes I was picking up last night or that he dropped and is putting more pressure on my lower back. I feel his head pressing on my cervix. My pelvis is definitely loosening up and it cracks a lot. Labor is in my near future and my body is getting ready! Everyone seems to think I'm going to go early. Of course this now means I'll be over a week late. lol

I have days where I feel really great and feel like I could go on like this for weeks, then I have bad days where I feel like crap and I just want it to end.

How far along? 37 weeks & 3 days!

Total weight gain: 35 lbs

Maternity clothes: Yep!

Sleep: Still decent. Just get up to go to the bathroom multiple times a night. Sometimes I find it a little harder to fall back to sleep.

Miss anything? Again, my old body. I just miss being able to do simple tasks with out getting so tired and worn out. I barely was able to run a few errands last weekend before I made it home exhausted and my feet throbbing.

Cravings: Still no big cravings. Just sweets as usual.

Symptoms: The usual at this point: rib pain (although it's let up a little), heartburn, lower back pain, swollen ankles

Labor signs: Adding this one on here this week. So far, baby has dropped and is in position and some cramps and braxton hicks contractions.

Movement: I feel him all through out the day. It's more shifting around and sliding motions now. I feel his little feet sliding around in there and his bum will push up and I'll see this huge bulge on my belly. Sometimes I feel his head grinding on my cervix. Sometimes smaller flutters down low which I think are probably hands. I feel hiccups multiple times a day. And last week, I started feeling a very rhythmic up and down motion. I think it's him practicing breathing.

The bump: Out front and center. Everyone tells me it looks like a little bowling ball.

Belly button in or out? Stretch marks? Still in but getting pretty flat. I have on tiny stretch mark on my side. Hopefully that's all I get!

Mood: Anxious, nervous

Best moment of this week? Last weekend, when Jack and I went out to dinner and then saw a movie. It was nice to do something not baby related.

What are you looking forward to? Meeting my son!

Bump progression! I can't believe how much my belly has grown!

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