Friday, August 10, 2012

Week 29

I feel very productive this last week. We found our pediatrician! It was really stressing me out for some reason, but it was an easy decision. All our friends recommended this one practice. I set up an appointment to meet the doctor, and that was that. We liked her and we liked the office, so we've decided to use them. I also pre-registered at the hospital which was an easy process as well. While we were there, I saw a couple walking the halls with their newborn. The baby was all wrapped up like a burrito with a little hat on. Looked so cute! Made me even more excited about meeting our little guy.

  • Find a pediatrician 
  • figure out maternity leave w/ employer {started talking to HR about it}
  • start disability paperwork & PFL paperwork & give to OB {I've researched into it at least}
  • find daycare 
  • pre-register w/ the hospital
  • take birth classes {start tomorrow!}
  • take preparing to breastfeed class {taking at end of September}
  • figure out who's health insurance the baby will go on {I've figured out cost thru my work. Just waiting for Jack to go back to work next week to ask about it}
  • finish nursery
  • find newborn photog {I've started emailing a couple}
  • finalize registry 
  • plus all the things at the end like pack hospital bag, install car seat, etc. 
I definitely feel better prepared now. Now I just need the crib and glider. Buy Buy Baby said it should be there Monday, so hopefully next weekend we'll be able to go pick it up.

Gender: Boy!

How far along? 29 weeks

Total weight gain: about 24 lbs now. Weight gain slowed this last week to only .5 lb thank goodness! I didn't want to continue down a path of 3+ every week.

Maternity clothes: All the time! So comfy. I find it funny how my non maternity shirts are starting to rise up.

Sleep: Still great. Just get up to go pee. My back has been a little sore when I get up in the morning. I also started sleeping with a pillow in between my legs to help with the back pain.

Miss anything? Still wish I could have a glass of wine. I miss not getting so tired easily too.

Cravings: Chocolate!

Symptoms: BH contractions. I have a couple every day. Occasional heartburn, sore back, feeling more tired, ribs hurt.

Movement: All the time! He is a mover in there. I feel him all through out the day. He also gets the hiccups a couple of times a day which I find are so cute. He likes to hang out more on my right side and stick some body part up in my rib cage. Saturday he kicked me so hard it hurt!

The bump: Not really feeling like it grew too much in the last week.

Belly button in or out? still in although more shallow.

Mood: Happy, nervous

Best moment of this week? Ikea trip went great! I went with my friend and two coworkers. Got lots of goods for the nursery that I'll have to share soon.

What are you looking forward to? I'm really looking forward to the day that we can finally go pick up our crib and glider. Buy Buy Baby is my enemy now. Grrrrr

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