Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 18


How far along? 18 weeks
Estimated due date: October 25, 2012
Gender: Sweet baby Boy!
Total weight gain: adding this in here since I’m finally starting to put on some weight. Up about 7 lbs.
Symptoms: None really besides occasional heartburn. Oh and lots of “wind”.
Movement: Occasional flutters. Still questioning whether some are gas or baby, but I have felt some stronger kicks than I ever have before.
The bump: I’d say it grew a little bit this week. It feels like it’s taking forever for me to look obviously pregnant. I’m wondering when I’m going to actually “pop”.
Maternity clothes: Just maternity jeans and shorts. I did buy a maxi dress last weekend that I’m looking forward to wearing. They’re so comfy!
Belly button in or out? Adding this in here this week as well. I’ve noticed my belly button is more shallow. I stuck my finger in there this week and it didn’t go as deep as usual.
Miss anything? I miss having the occasional glass of wine after work. It’s all worth it though!
Sleep: Sleep is good. Just getting up to use the restroom is annoying.
Cravings: Still wanting fruity candy. Oh and I had a craving for some salty chips as well.
Mood: Happy most of the time. I was extra cranky and moody this week. I just felt like I was in a bad mood more than usual. Ever have one of those weeks where every little thing gets to you? Yeah, that was me this week.
Best moment of this week? Feeling a couple of stronger baby kicks.
What are you looking forward to? Looking forward to the three day weekend! Finally a Monday off!
And for fun. Here are my bump photos for the second trimester so far.

To me it doesn’t really look like my bump has grown much since 14 weeks. It’s definitely bigger than it was at 14 weeks. I feel like it’s not really growing out much, but more up and over, if that makes sense. I’m taller (5’9”) so I’m thinking that’s the reason it really hasn’t popped out yet. Baby has more room vertical!

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