Friday, March 16, 2012

We’re expecting!

{Written on Feb 19, 2012} I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to start publishing my pregnancy journey, but since things are going well so far and no one I know reads my blog, why not? So this is the beginning of my pregnancy posts!
This last week, I found out that I’m pregnant! Jack and I are just thrilled and over the moon. I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. We’ve experienced loss, and we’re hoping and praying that this will be our sticky baby. I’m trying to stay positive, but I can’t help but worry that something is going to happen again.

 I was totally one of those obsessive girls who was tracking ovulation and thinking every symptom could mean I was pregnant. Going by tracking my basal body temperature and using ovulation predictor tests, I’m pretty confident I ovulated Feb 1st or 2nd. I got a positive HPT on Feb 11th. Just 9 days past ovulation! Most women won’t get a positive test until the day of their missed period. Going by a ovulation date of 2/2/2012, my estimated due date is October 25th! If I go by the first day of my last menstrual cycle, my due date would be October 15th. I think I’m definitely closer to the 25th date though. That would put me at 4w3d today. 
Here is what my chart looks like for the month I got pregnant. It was only my first month charting. 
I was hopeful it would happen this month, but I honestly thought it was going to take 4-6 months to get pregnant again. It was only our second cycle trying since my last miscarriage, and I feel so lucky and blessed that it happened so soon.
 I hope to keep up with a weekly journal entry with how my pregnancy is progressing.

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