Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 7

{written on March 11, 2012 when I was 7 weeks pregnant}
The big thing that happened during my 7th week, was our first ultrasound! It was so amazing. You could see it’s little heart beating, and I got to hear it. Heart rate measured at 133 bpm, which the tech said is normal for how far along I am. I had the ultrasound on Wed, March 7th, and baby measured 6w6d. Right on track! Now I’m just counting down until I see my doctor again in a couple of weeks.
I’m definitely feeling more confident in this pregnancy, but we’re not out of the woods yet. I didn’t realize until I had the U/S, how much I was shielding myself with this pregnancy. Holding up a wall to protect myself in case something happened with this baby. I felt it come down a little after the ultrasound, but not completely. I hope that the farther this pregnancy progresses, the more comfortable I’ll feel that everything is going to be ok.
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How far along? 7 weeks
Estimated due date: October 25, 2012
How are you feeling? Still sore breasts and morning sickness. And so tired all the time.
Aversions or cravings? Craving fruit and simple foods. I like food without too much flavor. I’m having aversions to meat. I’ve mostly been eating soup and anything with cheese in it (grilled cheese sandwich, quesadilla, ravioli). 
Are you showing? Nope. Just a serious bloated belly. I don’t keep my pants buttoned anymore because it’s so uncomfortable.
Mood: Happy and tired.
Best moment of this week? Obviously my ultrasound. Seeing and hearing the heartbeat was amazing.
What are you looking forward to? My next doc visit on March 29th. I’ll be 10 weeks along.

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