Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby AJ: Month 3 Update

I'm probably going to say this every month, but how has another month gone by already?! I keep getting all sentimental and looking through his photos since he was a newborn. I get a little sad thinking that 3 months has passed already and I have to go back to work in a few weeks. I'm going to miss him so much. While I'm happy that he's growing, I just don't want it to happen so fast. I really try hard to cherish every moment, which is hard sometimes!

Look how much he's grown since he was a newborn! And so many more leg rolls were added over the last month. I love baby rolls!

Weight: I'm guessing around 14-15 lbs. No 3 month check up, so don't know how much he weighs.
Length: We did our own measurement and he was 25 inches
Diaper size: Size 2
Clothing size: All 3-6 month size, I got really sad packing up all his 0-3 month sized clothing.

Nicknames: Bub bub , bubs, munchkin, baby boy, little guy, little man, monkey butt

Health: Very healthy. He has yet to get sick.

Sleep: Night sleep is great. He usually goes down between 8 and 9 PM and sleeps 8-10 hours for his first stretch of sleep. Occasionally he'll only sleep 6-8 hours for his first stretch, but that's like once a week. I nurse him and then he'll usually sleep another 1 to 2 hours. He is still in his bouncy chair at night. It's working for us right now, so we don't want to mess with it. We tried the pack and play a few times and he cried as soon as we set him in there. Now naps are another story. He is a terrible napper. I have the hardest time trying to get him down for a nap. Lately, he's been cat napping all day. He takes a 25-30 minute nap and about 4 or 5 of those during the day. There have been a few times where he napped 1.5-2 hours and one day he even napped 3 hours in his swing, but that is rare. We try to put him in his crib for a nap. The longest he has lasted in his crib is 1.5 hours. Otherwise he naps in the swing or my arms. Jack seems to be much better than me at getting him asleep. My reasoning is that I have the boobs and that's what he wants. We have also discovered the magic of the vacuum cleaner. If he's tired and fussing, we turn on the vacuum and he calms immediately. We will even leave it on and put him in his swing, and he'll fall asleep. It's amazing! I don't know why we hadn't tried this sooner.

Diet: Mama's milk. Breastfeeding is going really well. I'm starting to feel like we can make it to a year and beyond. I'm a little nervous about starting work next month and having to pump. I hope I can pump the amount that he eats while I'm gone.

Baby Gear Love:
-Swing- sometimes naps in it and it's a great place to set him down while we eat dinner.
-snugabunny bouncy chair - he sleeps in this thing every night
-aden + anais swaddle blankets - we don't swaddle him in these anymore but we fold them in four and use it as a blanket. I also have been using these as a stoller cover and on the floor for tummy time.
-Halo fleece sleep sack swaddle - It's colder now, so we put him in a fleece swaddle to keep him warm.
-Babybjorn Babysitter Balance - Love this bouncer. I put him in it while I eat breakfast and lunch. My husband also uses it to feed him a bottle.
-bibs - AJ is drooling like crazy so he is always wearing a bib now.

Loves: his bath every night, laying on his changing table, his cuddly toys that sit on his dresser (he smiles and giggles every time he sees them), falling asleep in mommy's arms after a nursing session, to sit upright with assistance and look around, stand with assistance, when I sing to him

Hates: when he gets overtired and I didn't put him down for a nap soon enough.

Milestones: Rolls over from belly to back, but not very consistently. He laughs and smiles all the time. He is also getting great head control. He also has started sucking on his hands.

Other things of note about month 3:

-He is still loving the bath. Daddy does his bath every night and he loves it! He no longer cries when we take him out. And he doesn't cry anymore when I lotion him up afterwards.

-He no longer will take the pacifier. I don't know why, but he wants nothing to do with it anymore. It's kind of a bummer because it used to work really well in calming him, especially in the car.

-He still enjoys hanging out on his changing table. He has now started staring at all the pictures hanging on the wall, and will even sometimes smile and giggle at them.

-There are a few stuffed animals that sit on top of his dresser. Every time we hold him next to his dresser, he looks down at his cuddly toy and smiles and giggles. It's the cutest thing ever. He will also stare at himself in that mirror.

-We have lots of little "conversions" with each other. I will say something to him and then wait for him to "talk". He babbles and squeals with joy. It's so cute.

-He is blowing bubbles all the time now and drooling a lot.

-He has started clasping his hands together and will hold onto object if you put them near his hands. He has also taken a liking to sucking on his whole hand.

-He's gaining great head control. I can carry him around with out having to worry too much about his head.

-He still loves to follow us around the room with his eyes and head. He has started to notice Sadie too. Also, he likes to watch me eat.

-He likes to pull both legs up into the air and then pound them on the ground. And he will raise his butt up sometimes when lying on his back.

-He laughs all the time now. I make it my mission now to do anything I can to make him smile and laugh. Sometimes it doesn't take much. He'll just look me in the eyes and give me the biggest grin. Melts my heart.

-He rolled a few more times from back to belly, but still not consistently.

A got to celebrate his first Christmas this year. Christmas Eve was spent at my Grandma's house. We had a wonderful ham dinner and lots of laughs. A got tons of presents! He sure was spoiled.

We spent Christmas morning at home and opened up presents. Then we headed about an hour away to visit Jack's parents and sister and have dinner.

I may have went a little overboard with the gifts for him this year. I couldn't help it! It was his first Christmas! We got him a quilt with his first and middle name embroidered on it. Also got him a stuffed zebra, Christmas book, a Winkle, and dangly toy for his car seat.

A also got to experience his first new years. We didn't do much on new years eve. We invited a couple over and their kids and we played games. We didn't even make it to midnight before crashing!

I did manage to get a family photo on new years day. Don't mind my purple PJ pants! Jack said I couldn't change out of my PJ's.

I've also been enjoying taking him on walks. He is finally content enough to sit in his car seat for a walk and he'll eventually fall asleep.

We actually braved a restaurant with the baby. It went better than expected.

Happy 3 months Baby AJ! Mommy and Daddy can't imagine our lives with out you. You bring us so much joy and happiness everyday and we love seeing you laugh and smile. We are excited for the next phase in your life!

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