Sunday, November 13, 2011

Over the Weekend

This past weekend was a nice relaxing one at home. Saturday afternoon we ran some errands and then took Sadie to Yokuts Park for a walk along the bike path and to play some fetch. IMG_2341

This next one I had to include because it cracks me up.  IMG_2359

Then Sadie enjoyed some more fetch with a stick this time in the sandy dried up river bed.  Can you tell we live in Bakersfield with those oil thingys in the background? I don’t even know what you call those things. IMG_2388

This was good practice for me with my DSLR camera.  IMG_2441 

No tongue.  She’s such a cutie and I can’t help but take a million photos of her.IMG_2442

Saturday night we met up with friends and family at Chuy’s to celebrate my 26th birthday. I got this cake from Sweet Surrender called the Matterhorn. It was featured on the food network, so I wanted to give it a try.  Personally, I didn’t think it was all that great. I like Gimmee Some Sugar cakes way more. I even think the Texas sheet cake from Jake’s Tex Mex is better than this.  It’s definitely not work the $45 price tag.


On my actual birthday on Sunday, I didn’t do much but relax at home, go grocery shopping and take the dog out for a run.  I did enjoy some homemade banana bread {that I had made Friday night} and a cup of coffee in the morning. I love slow Sunday mornings.  IMG_2467

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